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san network Solutions pte ltd

SAN Network Solutions Pte Ltd was established in 2012 as an IT agency providing computer repairs, sales, and maintenance services for businesses all over Singapore.

Our Services

what we do best.

  • PC Repairs

We Use diagnostic software to identify the problems in your computer hardware. Fixing all your computers professionally.  

  • Laptop Services

We fix majority of your laptop problems like blue screen, random crash or loud noise on the spot with proper diagnosis. 

  • Wireless Networks

Wireless networks help you connect your computers and  devices without using cables. Out team of experts perform excellent job for clients.  

Offering IT Infrastructure

The Best IT Service Provider

  • Local Area Network Services for your office productivity.
  • Desktop Setup and Configuration Services to keep you moving on your works.
  • Windows Server Maintenance Services to help your network users access the resources easily.
  • Data Security Services to keep you safe from hacking.

Why choose us

expert in the area.


We are familiar with various troubleshooting processes and other diagnostic tools including the Task Manager, Resource Monitor, Performance Monitor, Reliability History, Event Viewer, and Steps Recorder.

We setup wireless site survey that usually involves a site visit to run tests to determine the presence of RF interference and identify optimum installation locations for access points. This requires analysis of building floor plans, visual inspection of the facility, and usage of site survey tools.

Computer Networking

Designing of your office networks. IP Addressing & Subnetting for an effective use of your network systems.


Troubleshooting the boot process and drivers, network and resource access issues. Troubleshooting data loss using file history.

Server Maintenance

We have the expertise of Installing and configuring Windows Server 2016. Configuration of Windows Server act as a DHCP server.

Computer Assembling

Building your first computer from scratch is our favorite IT work. We shop high quality components based on your requirement.

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